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I have been bowhunting for over 25 years and I always pay attention to the wind! This is my first season using Rack Envy in combination with good scent control-(laundry, hygene, dressing on site) and it works like a dream. You cant beat this line of scent control in my opinion! Each time out I use a liberal dose of Rack Envy on my equipment and clothes to eliminate any human odor. I am amazed at the number of deer that have come in downwind of my set-ups this season including this dandy at 15 yards. I am convinced that this is the only scent elimination I will ever need and will tell all my buddies! Great job!

Kris Burns - Blue Springs, MO

I recently switched to Rack Envy and feel that it is the best product on the market. I quickly became a believer after moving my stand. I observed that I didn't get winded from any direction. Later that week after explaining the success of the product to my father he commented that "Rack Envy was a gimmick".

Here is a story of how I made a believer out of a successful lifetime deer hunter/ my father. We have a German Shorthair family hunting dog with an incredible nose. Our dog loves to "hunt-up" his various tennis balls behind the house in the deep grass. To test the Rack Envy, we placed several tennis balls in the deep grass. For the first three times the ball had no treatment applied to the surface. This resulted in our dog immediately finding the ball each time. We then sprayed the ball with Rack Envy and re-hid the ball. In three repeated attempts our dog ran right over the top of the balls and failed to produce any results. To verify our results, we then sprayed three balls with a nationally recognized scent elimination product. In each successive trial, our dog immediately found the ball.

As you can well imagine, this made a believer out of my father and uncle as well. We realize that there is no such thing as a magic bullet but we feel that your product will greatly increase our chances this fall to shoot a trophy.

Shane - Kearny, MO

Your Rack Envy Lubricant/Protectant really works! Even while shooting my old bow I noticed that I was burying arrows 2 to 3 inches deeper into my targets. I also saw an amazing improvement of my groupings at 20 yards and beyond.

Frank - Liberty, MO

I just recently got engaged. My fiancé had been bugging me to tag-along on a hunt. To make matters worse, she had just got done working out and tanning. I decided to take her on a spur of the moment hunt so I sprayed her down with Rack Envy along with myself. To my surprise, we had a great outing! We had several nice bucks and five does come within 10 yards of our position. Your product made a believer out of me.

Pat - Lake Ozark, MO

I need more Rack Envy........ I had 5 does and 3 bucks get closer than I've ever been to any deer this moring..... it clearly is making a difference in my hunts!

Chris - Blue Springs, MO

I am constantly looking to outshoot my son when it comes to archery. As a general rule, we are fairly equal up to about 25 yards. Until using your product, he would beat me at distances greater than 25 yards. I applied two coats of your Rack Envy Premium Lubricant/Protectant to the tips, quills and the shafts of my arrows and found myself shooting a much tighter group. Your product reduced the drag of the arrow and gave me a consistent group that I have never been able to shoot before. I was actually putting a different arrow into the previous hole. I also noticed that my arrows travelled deeper into the target by at least two to three inches than arrows that I had not treated. I was amazed at how easy it was to remove my arrows from the targets. This is truly an example of old age and treachery being able to outperform youth.

David - Tulsa, OK

I'm a tough guy to impress....... I've tried the majority of the scent blocking products with marginal results........... I recently tried Rack Envy and I love it! Rack Envy gets me up real close.

Jeff - Grain Valley, MO

It was about five in the morning, I applied the Rack Envy® Field Spray head to toe, including the bottoms of my boots and my gun as well. I had walked about 40 yards into the timber and had been walking next to a downed tree. At the end of the tree was the root ball which was about 11 feet in diameter. I was standing at the end of that root ball and after about ten minutes, I heard footsteps behind me. Thinking it was my son or another member of our hunting party, I stepped out to whisper that I was there and for them to head another direction. Much to my surprise, 15 yards away and approaching in the EXACT same path I had walked, with his NOSE TO THE GROUND, was an 8 point buck! The wind was in my face, so this deer was not only down wind from me, but literally sniffing the path I had just tread. He had no idea I was there. As he continued to approach, I stepped out again and shot him from about five yards out.

Steve J - Oak Grove, MO

I realize that your product is designed for hunters but I thought you might like to know that I sprayed Rack Envy on my son's stinky football equipment and inside his football helmet......I am happy to report that he is now allowed to ride back in forth to practice in my car again. The smell is gone!

Kiers - Independence, MO

I love the Rack Envy can. It doesn't leak like those other ones and the pump spray makes it easy to apply. And the stuff works... I had a buck come up within five feet of me and that has never happened before!

John - Olathe, KS

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