Rack Envy Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. What is Rack Envy® Field Spray?

A. Rack Envy® is a non-aerosol scent elimination product designed with a convenient hand-pump sprayer which aids in the complete and accurate disbursement of product. It is packaged in a durable recyclable steel can. Rack Envy® contains no harmful propellants and contains no VOC's. Unlike other scent blocking products, Rack Envy® can be easily stored in backpacks, jackets and suitcases without damaging the integrity of the trigger sprayer or the worry of a leaky bottle.

Q. How do I apply Rack Envy®?

A. Prior to entering the field, spray a liberal amount of Rack Envy® on your hunting apparel, boots, gloves, hat and equipment. Concentrate on sweat gland areas and continue spraying any items that may have contacted human skin. Because it is a fine mist, do not apply in enclosed areas. If can is sprayed while upside down, the pump will need to be re-primed. Re-apply after each washing and prior to entering the field.

Q. Is Rack Envy® safe for fabrics?

A. Yes. It is safe on all fabrics of any color.

Q. How does Rack Envy® work?

A. Rack Envy® Scent Remediation Technology features a consortium of instantly non-toxic and non-mutagenic bacteria that eliminate scents on contact. Our scent remediation technology is also "Powered by Nano"® thus enabling our formula to penetrate deep into the matrix of your hunting apparel and accessories. Rack Envy® Scent Remediation Technology contains no heavy metals like silver and is safe on all hard surfaces.

Q. Why is Rack Envy® better than our competition?

A. Our technology is based on stabilized bacteria & we use a surfactant or surface active agent to achieve that result. That does two things. First, it stabilizes the bacteria, meaning, the bacteria stays put and won't settle at the bottom of the can. Secondly, it helps the bacteria penetrate deeper into surfaces, meaning it will be more effective. It is instantly active so you can spray and go get that buck!

Q. What is the shelf life of Rack Envy®?

A. Other scent eliminators use an enzyme based formula. That is an older technology. In order to be effective, an enzyme has to be fed by an organic source and multiply over and over. That multiplication process takes time. Enzymes are not stable and without an organic food source, typically die and settle at the bottom of their container. A typical shelf life on an enzyme based products are generally less than one full hunting season. With Rack Envy®, the stabilized bacteria remains active at all times. It won't settle out and it stays effective for better than two years.

Q. Rack Envy® has a "soapy" smell. Why?

A. The bacteria are stabilized in a surfactant and the surfactant is in the detergent family.

Q. Will Rack Envy® freeze?

A. Yes. In extreme temperatures (less than 35°F) the product can freeze. For best practices; store in a warm area.

Q. Does Rack Envy® have any other uses?

A. YES! Because it is instantly active and eliminates organic odors; use Rack Envy® on sports equipment, shoes, litter box, pet stains, dumpsters, bathrooms and anywhere you need to eliminate odor.

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