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Heartland Solutions, Inc. is a privately held specialty chemical company centrally located in the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area. Responding to the ever-increasing demand to provide a safer solution to modern day chemicals and antiquated chemical protocol, we have compiled a unique offering of products that utilize the latest technologies available; ranging from Nanotechnology to Synthetic Acids and Caustics. Heartland Solution's primary business units include: Oil field and Industrial, Concrete and Ready Mix, Wastewater Treatment, Agricultural and Bioremediation. Having created several new technologies that involve the use of highly specialized bacteria; we are currently marketing multiple formulas for every day consumer use as well.

In our lab, we combined a new technology of instantly active bacteria with nanotechnology. This resulted in a product that instantly attacks and eliminates organic odors. Initially, we approached a leading manufacturer of scent elimination products encouraging them to use it to improve their current line. We were met with arrogance and rejection. The frustration of that failed meeting led to the development of the Rack Envy® brand and launched Heartland Solutions, Inc. into the retail outdoor market!

Debating what to call our scent elimination field spray, we chose Rack Envy® because, being hunters ourselves, we feel that no matter your station in life - a CEO or a construction worker; we are all equals out in the field. Deer season is the one time every year to showcase our talents and make our friends jealous. Out in the fields and tree stands where it counts, we have all been guilty of a little "Rack Envy".

Our goal at Heartland Solutions is to bring a fresh new cross section of products to the outdoor market. We have spent hundreds of hours literally in the field developing, testing and improving our products. They are environmentally safe and we have proven that they work.

We look forward to growing the Rack Envy® line and bringing the highest quality of products to the forefront of the outdoor world. As we do this, we look to you, our customer, for help. We encourage feedback and will listen to your needs. We appreciate your business and look forward serving you in the years ahead!

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