Eliminates Organic Odors On Contact!

Utilizing the latest in bioremediation and nanotechnologies, Heartland Solutions, Inc. is pleased to bring a new product line into the world of outdoor retail marketing!

Your Rack Envy Lubricant/Protectant really works! Even while shooting my old bow I noticed that I was burying arrows 2 to 3 inches deeper into my targets. I also saw an amazing improvement of my groupings at 20 yards and beyond.

Frank - Liberty, MO
I need more Rack Envy........ I had 5 does and 3 bucks get closer than I've ever been to any deer this moring..... it clearly is making a difference in my hunts!

Chris - Blue Springs, MO
I just recently got engaged. My fiancé had been bugging me to tag-along on a hunt. To make matters worse, she had just got done working out and tanning. I decided to take her on a spur of the moment hunt so I sprayed her down with Rack Envy along with myself. To my surprise, we had a great outing! We had several nice bucks and five does come within 10 yards of our position. Your product made a believer out of me.

Pat - Lake Ozark, MO
I'm a tough guy to impress....... I've tried the majority of the scent blocking products with marginal results........... I recently tried Rack Envy and I love it! Rack Envy gets me up real close.

Jeff - Grain Valley, MO
I realize that your product is designed for hunters but I thought you might like to know that I sprayed Rack Envy on my son's stinky football equipment and inside his football helmet......I am happy to report that he is now allowed to ride back in forth to practice in my car again. The smell is gone!

Kiers - Independence, MO
I love the Rack Envy can. It doesn't leak like those other ones and the pump spray makes it easy to apply. And the stuff works... I had a buck come up within five feet of me and that has never happened before!

John - Olathe, KS
Proof that it works!

We'd love to see and hear about your successful hunts. Please send us your pictures and feedback.

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